Good Nukes In “Pandora’s Promise”

We learn, I think, valuable things about nuclear power from Robert Stone‘s documentary, Pandora’s Promise (2013), which dutifully reveals people of science and environmentalist activism who have come to favor nuclear power as an energy source.  We are told, for example, than nuke energy is even safer than solar power because the making of solar panels is a very toxic process.  We are told how speedy France was in converting to nuke power and how well the “clean” stuff is working out for it.  Writer-director Stone seems to believe that global warming is a threat to the human race (I myself doubt it), and so he never beats the drum for fossil fuels.  Nuclear plants, however, release no carbon emissions—happy news.

There is nothing brilliant about Pandora’s Promise, and it could stand to be a little more analytical.  It is involving and usually cogent, even so, and is never too hard on either Democrats or Republicans.  The world is not listening to pro-nuclear messages, though.



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