Knock – Knock: Daves Not Here!

Hey.. How’s it going? My name’s Dave… Uh.. .hehe.. “Daves not here” hehe..  Yeah yeah…’

It’s a cheech and chong joke that I been hearing for years.  “Dave’s not here” hehe…

And your right… I ain’t been here for a bit… I like to take a hiatus from posting on this blog… Just because I own it and I can post as little or as much as I want… You know?

What does that have to do with “Dave’s not here”? Nothing….

The reason I’m crafting this post is pure filler… And of course to let you loyal readers know that’ I’m still alive and not on on a “lively bender” Well, not yet anyways…

I been goofing around with music.. My hobby’s tend to come and go..

Now that I have been seeing this groovy girl I have keeping my browser out of the dating sites and other social nonesense (except for facebook) and recording songs with a new computer interface…  Since my new luv interest has been doing it for years I have decided to look into it myself but keep promoting my lo-fi stuff over at my underground music blog.

She kinda talked me into it… She said.. “You should record with your computer”  I said…Well, Okay.

She didn’t have to twist my arm at all… You dig?


So I could be writing about my experience at a McDonald’s drive thru or something that would prob be more interesting than talking about my not being here and working on music…Butta.. Not today… You see…

DAVE’ S NOT HERE Where am I? I’m somewhere else…

In fact I’m not at my blogger blog either… I forgot all about it and was looking at it the other day… It’s been abandoned for a long time.. It has song lyrics and poetry and stuff… Now I can use that for something with the music… Uh.. Maybe…

Hey, I’ll be back.. You dig? Maybe tomorrow… Maybe next month… My bro will keep putting up movie review’s tho…

Tell next time…


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