Pink Floyd – Do They Trip on Acid?

Pink Floyd on Acid

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Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands… I can  trip on acid to almost any of their records all they way back to the beginning. If I tripped on acid 😉

They were the first to really do the “space sound” You know what I mean?

They are the poster children of Acid Music. Right? But were they actually acid junkies? Somebody recently was telling me that Roger Waters says he rarely ever took  acid… He just enjoyed having a few beers…Wow… I thought it took acid to actually influence them to come up with that spacey sound.

Which perhaps leads me to another post for tomorrow (or sometime)
Does Drugs enhance creativity?

4 Responses to “Pink Floyd – Do They Trip on Acid?”

  • rod:

    Hey Bro, just checkin’ to see what you’re bloggin about. Lets see….. Pink Floyd’s greatest influence was Syd Barrett and Syd may well be whom all the music and albums were about after he left. Syd was possibly a schizophrenic who tripped on acid too many times and was finally unable to reconnect with reality ever again. If you witnessed a creative force like Syd Barrett lose his mind and talent because of acid, wouldn’t you stay away from the stuff? I think Pink Floyd’s sound says more about the fact that 3 of the members were architecture students when the band formed. This might account for the building of layers in the music, the subtleties in the art, much like a painting. I can honestly say now that acid for me was more a right of passage, a dare, a brag, maybe even an adventure but it wasn’t fun and I wouldn’t advise taking it to anyone. Like most drugs it’s just not worth it.

  • Thank you… I forgot all about these blogs… I get lazy and quit blogging for weeks…Then I’ll do it again…Then decide to quit then do it again… It just goes round and round…

    Barrett is the great “Acid Casualty” But the story is not really as magical/mysterious as folks tend to think… He died recently… Sad that it went down like it did.

    I can’t ever remember actually enjoying an acid trip… Perhaps if I had been a rock star in the 60’s it may have been different. Acid is not so popular anymore… However “Psych” med’s are VERY popular… I wonder what the long term effects of those will be.

  • whiteonwhite=emptycanvasformind:

    roger waters says he rarely did anything. big fucking lie, he just doesnt want to look like an asshole when hes the reason why the band fucking broke up. i mean dont get me wrong, hes a great musician and he probably was a great guy back in the day.

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