Dave and Lucy Get Married!

Dave&LucyWell the Hipster (me yeah whatever) – I got married.  Holy matrimony…. Marital bliss and all that! Hey I found a great girl that  sees the best in me and takes me for what I am. – A knucklehead.

—Really tho…She’s awesome —!!

I just couldn’t do any better. I don’t know about destiny, predestination or God’s true plan for us humans according to the laws of the Great Universal Spirit…But I got a good feeling about this one. She is a jewel to be treasured…. That’s why I put a ring on her finger…Ya know?

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Knock – Knock: Daves Not Here!

Hey.. How’s it going? My name’s Dave… Uh.. .hehe.. “Daves not here” hehe..  Yeah yeah…’

It’s a cheech and chong joke that I been hearing for years.  “Dave’s not here” hehe…

And your right… I ain’t been here for a bit… I like to take a hiatus from posting on this blog… Just because I own it and I can post as little or as much as I want… You know?

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