The Flintstones Theme Song

I like theme song’s for  TV show’s. They are  well written and very catchy. One of my fave’s is the song for The Flintstones.

I just like The Flintstone’s. Even the one with the silly alien that came to be their friend. The Great Gazoo  was his name… I think. He was always helping them out of trouble. Rather they wanted him to or not.

Anyways I was surfing the TV the other day and it happened to come on and I was checking out the theme song. I was following the the songs words.

Let’s ride with the family down the street.
thoo tha la da da la ca ta ta eet.

What? Uh I didn’t quite get that?

Throo tha la da da la ca ta ta eet.

It’s one of those song’s ya know?

I just can’t seem to make out the words. This has been an issue of mine my ENTIRE LIFE! Knowing a song well… But there is a lyric in it I just can’t make out…I’ll think about it for a minute. Then it goes away and I don’t think about it anymore.

Then I hear the song again!  I’m BACK.. What did he say?

Sure I could Google it. But what fun would that be?
(Heck) Couldn’t help myself. Wait, I found the original theme song.

3 Responses to “The Flintstones Theme Song”

  • What a blast from the past! Thanks for reminding me of it.

    And yes, Fred Flintstone was definatley a hipster 😉

  • Tom:

    As a kid, I always had trouble figuring out the theme to the Flintstones. I can’t remember the last line. “We’ll have a grand ole time”..????

  • Yep… I agree.. He’s hip. Yaba daba doo has got to be hip lingo

    I always thought they were saying “we’ll have a gay old time”. If that’s what it is then it would certainly have different implications now… LOL

    I just changed the link structure on this blog..All link’s are now “do-follow” :)


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