Yes, Rodriguez Has Made Junk But He Also Made . . . “Spy Kids” – A Movie Review

Cover of "Spy Kids"
Cover of Spy Kids

Spy Kids (2002) is yet another action flick–a nutty and charming one.  I’m talking genuine charm, not Hollywood charm, thanks to director-writer Robert Rodriguez.  He patently believes in what he’s doing, he can be funny, and he venerates marriage and family.  (In this movie he does; I don’t know about real life:  in 2006 Rodriguez left his wife and kids for actress Rose McGowan.)  Even his infrequent scatology makes prepubescent sense; prepubescent is what Carmen and Juni, the spy kids, are.

Adequate Alexa Vega provides Carmen with no more and no less than what she should.  Though too soft-spoken, Daryl Sabara (Juni) is sweet and facially expressive.  The stronger actors are Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino as the spy kids’ spy parents.  Holding the reins of it all is a talented man whose screenplay is original, not an adaptation of a children’s book.  Let’s hear it for Latino heroism!  (In America.) 

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