My bro Dean D. Gives his hip review of 2 movies. “Revolutionary Road” and “Taken”  Que em up at Netflix and see if ya agree 🙂

Revolutionary Road

Did you know American suburbanites of the 1950s were often

Taken to Revolutionary Road

Image by onkel_wart via Flickr

desperately unhappy? It’s true.

Know what else?

People today are often desperately unhappy as well, and many, many of them are secular liberals. What’s to become of them?

The frustrating Sam Mendes directed this movie. It’s even worse than his “American Beauty and “Road to Perdition.” Not only is it dated and banal and leaden, it is also written in such a way that it’s impossible to care about the characters. Pity those poor American suburbanites.


For a suspenseful action flick, Taken, which pits Liam Neeson against sex-slave traders who have kidnapped his daughter, is inferior to the TV series, “24.” This doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting or well-made, though.

It’s both. However . . .

Most of the violence the criminals receive at Neeson’s hand they absolutely deserve. On the other hand, the film glorifies a murderer.