Spider wasp
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Do you fear Wasp’s? They are miniature flying dragons you know?  Out terrizing society and fools like me… They like to come come fly down and land in your pool while your swimming to cool off for a bit.. What happens?  RUN! (swim fast)

Yes folks..Wasp are scary stuff..

So what’s it all about? I thought I’d take a look at it.. Ya know? Just to try and discover exactly what the deal is.  I found a Video clip that explains it…Well, sort of….

HEY! The below video don’t werk?  HUH?

Sure man…. Sounds good to me.. I assume he is some kind of wasp counselor…  He says it’s “learned behavior and that it can be “unlearned” Hmmm?

The problem remains… I’m still learning to fear them!

Wasp Fearsome Memories

I remember a neghbor kid swatting at some wasp. Fighting those flying dragons. They came buzzing about and one stung me right on the face. I haven’t been the same since.  She apoligized for getting me stung… Of course I forgave her… But the Wasp…. He still haunts me.

Wasp in The Car

Isn’t it fun when your sitting in your car at a stop light and one comes flying in your car just as the light turns green. You hear it’s evil buzzing..

That’s when the panic starts.

It’s hard to drive down the road when your under attack. I wonder how many wrecks those  demons have caused.

And the pain they inflect on a guy. The Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb” always had meaning for me with the lyric…”My hands felt just like two balloons”  That cat must have been stung with both hands…OH the HUMANITY!

The WASP –  Beware…. Spheksophobia.

Hey, I’m just trying to keep it real…..