I wonder how it came about that the guy with the biggest gun “keeps the peace” To say that by having superior weapons and more fighting power keeps war to a minimum is strange to me.

Oh we LOVE violence
.. We always have. The Romans fighting these gladiators in the bloody games. It was a form of entertainment. Now, it’s all in TV, movies and music.  Are we addicted to violence and war? I’d say yes… Do we need to be? I dunno?

Is it absolutely necessary that we be the biggest kid on the block? That we are capable of kicking ALL your asses so, show some respect. Is it necessary that we have enough bombs that we can destroy the world many times over? Isn’t one worldwide fireball enough?

Maybe I should buy a gun myself… I’d certainly shoot somebody who came in trying to take my computer away… Heck, how could I keep writing these silly blogs if some guy “takes” my stuff? I ain’t going out like that….

Boom boom, bang bang, lie down your DEAD. –Addiction