ARZ ARZ is a progressive rock band from Portland Oregon.   These guys are crazy talented.   Reminds me of back in the day when I was a big Rush fan. The music sounds similar and just as tight… But with only 2 people.

From what I have heard so far these guys have got to be the hardest working musicians in Portland…  They are currently working on a new record and already have several projects going at the same time… They also play live in several bands throughout town,  are music teachers and both are working on independent recording projects.

If you check out the video posted you can see the winding arrangements and complex instrumentation…All done LIVE by 2 people… And it’s incredibly tight.  The song is way catchy too.

As a drummer I have to shout out to Merrill Hale the drummer of the group… Dayem…  Amazing fills and way smooth… … He is one of the better drummers I have heard out anywhere…

As a guitarist myself.. (barely) I have to shout out to  the ARZ guitarist, Steve Adams…  He’s got some some serious riffs, techniques and tones that are amazingly versatile and use them very well..  Great job!

Hey, I’m new to this new generation of Progressive rock.

I had no idea all this music was flowing out of speakers around the globe.  I knew of the bands from back in the day… Yes, Rush, Emerson, Lake and Palmer etc… But it looks like Prog rock is alive and well right here in the good ol’ USA….  Geeze.. Who would have thought?

So the hipster is always looking for new music to check out and I thought these cats really get busy…  There is always  Groovy music to check out if ya know where to look.

Do I know where to look?

Sure kids… A new website that serves up new progressive and metal music is pretty cool.  But I’ll talk about that one later… You dig?

In the meantime check out ARZ.   And dig a “Like” on Facebook.