Us smokers are probably ready to send a pack of cigarettes to the Obama White House. What a wonderful day it would be to take a smoke break with Barak out in the backyard. Is there a smoke hole at the White House.

Sure, He promises to not smoke in the White House but we addicted smokers  know better. With all the problems he is going to inherit from Bush he will just have to go take in some stress relieving smoke! And besides, he said not IN the white house… What about OUTSIDE?

Plus, going out to smoke in the smoke hole will give him a chance to hang with all the “regular Joes” get in on a little gossip and maybe even get a few tips on how to streangthen the economy.

I have heard some brilliant ideas while having a smoke with some complete strangers… It’s a great way to connect with people.

But Barak, smoking is very bad for you! Did you know that?