Christian or Secular?

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Wassup? Well there has always been a dividing line between secular and christian music..You can go into any christian record store and find bands that “sound like” their secular counterpart:

This is an example

So why not just go ahead and listen to the real thing?

Guess what?  That’s what I do.

Do ya hipsters think there should be Slayer records right along side Amy Grant records?

Sure, why not? Perhaps you can study some Slayer and it’s very intense description and analysis on hell.  And then not want to go there.

Beatle Spirituality

I have heard that “The Beatles had it right”

Wow, what a statement. It depends on the interpretation of the songs. Much music is very positive rather it’s “Christian” or not.

Why does there have to be this complete dividing line between Christian and secular pop culture?  This has always been quite a puzzle for me.

Christians need to learn to just keep it real. Know what I’m sayin, Dude?

But then how long can I sit around and listen to slayer talk about complete blood baths’ and angels of death?

Come on guys’ Lighten up will ya?