Oh how many times have you wondered that question? Does size really matter. I guess it depends on who you ask and the way you ask. I’m sure it has a little to do with sexual insecurity issues too. I dunno.

Of course you know that I’m talking about search engine optimization right? Something I have fought with for years. SEO. It’s a very mysterious thing. Like sex is huh?

Does the size of your pizza pie matter? Or the size of a milkshake? You know that at an all you can eat buffet the 3rd trip is always the best. Or the 3rd hamburger at a backyard BBQ.

I read in a men’s magazine recently that size DOES matter. But since I hadn’t really heard of that magazine leads me to the conclusion that their subscription numbers are rather small…hmmm?

Does size really matter… Is that a trick question?
Maybe Size really does matter! In more ways than one!