Today I thought I’d blog a bit about my dad, Earl Douthitt. I love the man and thought it would be nice to show a little love.. You dig?


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So… Being his hipster son I thought I’d just lay down a few things about him to show a little respect.. .You dig.

Star Tennis Player

Yes folks.. My dad remained #1 or #2 in the Missouri Valley (6 states) for the NSTA Tennis association for many years. That’s both singles and doubles.. I remember traveling to tournaments with him and everybody knew him.. Like… “Hey Earl”  Hey buddy He would say…  LOL… He didn’t know them…  🙂

Masters in Science

My dad is a SHARP dude… He went to University of Tenn on a basketball and Tennis scholarship. He taught Biology and was a principal for awhile. He ended up as an elementary school PE teacher as he loves athletics. He knows all about sports from top to bottom.

He Retired Early

Be honest… Do you really want to get up at 6AM and to work? I don’t.  Well he didn’t either… He would rather be playing Tennis and having a couple of cold ones in the afternoon… He has been doing this since he was 52 or something.  Gee, I wonder if I’ll be able to do that…. NOT!

He’s a Student/Teacher of Bible Prophecy

My dad taught me much about the Bible way early in life… I’m talking during kindergarten days..  He knows all the different views of how things will be wrapped up in the last days and has is own personal views as well..  Of course the hip part of this is that he does not denounce the idea of UFO’s or other “theory’s that have been denounced by many bible teachers… You dig?

He Likes Riding Motorcycles

No, he does not own one right now…Butta… He digs em.. If he happens across a really good deal he buys one and then travels to his typical destinations… Aldi’s grocery store, the Library or the tennis court…  You eastside cats prob seen him rolling  with his white hair and mirrored sun glasses.. Pretty kewl.

He is a Liberal….Christian.

Can those ideas actually go together? I have always believed so…  I tend to follow his example… You don’t have to be “far right” to believe in God.

I’d like to go on and on… .But I think I’ll ask his permission before posting this… Ya know? This is the internet after all… 🙂

Word to you dad… Love you!!