So how did you find this post?  Let me guess. You have an Emerson TV that you bought at Wal Mart When you got it home and hooked up your cable box you can’t get the cable remote to work with the TV.

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Did I get it right?

Emerson LCD Model LC320Em82 S

That’s right folks… If you have that TV your just going to have to use 2 remotes for the rest of that TV’s career.

See here’s the solution:

  • Use the TV remote for the TV
  • Use the Cable remote to change channels.  (haha I know)

You just have to keep up with 2 remotes…That’s all.  Double fisted clicking.

If your not a regular visitor and just stumbled in the chances are you were looking for a solution to the problem.   Unfortunately the solution above is the only one I have to offer.

The remote that came with the TV is the only one that works.

Oh I did some searching and working on it…Believe me.  I prob put a couple hours into the project. It’s hard enough just to keep up with one remote. Ya dig?

When the cable guy came to install the cable he played with it for awhile. Tried several codes and did a brief search.  He said it always amazes him as to why  manufacturers do this.   He went on to say that Sony‘s TV’s always find the code right away.. It’s usually “0000” or something very simple.

The hipster here can’t afford a Sony tho. I had to go with the cheapest TV I could get… Maybe next time I should go with a Sony. This one reason is almost good enough to splurge.

Some websites I found stated that Emerson no longer exists and to try other brands made in china. Like daewoo or Samsung or whatever.  I did this…. It didn’t work.  Go figure.

Why am I posting this?

Because when I buy a brand new TV, it should work with my cable or sattelite equipment – right?  And because this is my blog and I have the right to free speech I can boldly say that it freakin’ SUCKS!

Hey, I’m feeling better already.

Anybody has a solution to this problem then please share…. I’ll even update the post and put your solution right at the top of the post!  Us poor people that have to use mediocre electronics will thank you.

Uh… Have a nice day 🙂