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I just watched the Oliver Stone movie “W” tonight about the life and times of Gearge Bush. It was quite a fascinating night of entertainment… I used to always blame EVERYTHING on him as a joke… Of course it’s not ALL his fault… But he sure got a lot of flack for his (or Chaney’s) decisions.

I don’t know… Oliver Stones movies are many of his own viewpoints and opinions. I’m always entertained by what he projects into his screenplays… He seemed to have many thoughts about Bush… I guess I had heard all of them before in the media but seeing them all on the screen made me think…

Was All of This Actually Part of His Life?

  • A party animal. Boozing like a wildman?
  • Constantly below his brother in the eyes of Dad?
  • Unable to hold a steady job for years?
  • Accepted to Harvard because of his Dad pulling strings?
  • Thrown in Jail at as a football cheerleader?
  • Became a born again christian?
  • Unable to admit or remember his mistakes?
  • Made a C average in education?

The list just goes on and on… Gearge W Bush. If that movie had any reality in it then I respect you now. In spite of  your faults you came a long way… Perhaps Oliver doesn’t dislike you as much as I thought he would….And neither do I…

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