Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween is in the air again… And, well… It’s The DEVILS HOLIDAY!
That about sum’s it up right? I could end this post right here and now and make my point beautifully.

But that’s no fun… You know how much this blogger enjoys talking about Satan.

What happens on Halloween?

Let’s see here… I read this description on a Christian Website that I googled:

Parents dress their children as monsters, vampires, devils, witches and ghosts and encourage them to approach total strangers to ask them for candy and other treats. Homeowners decorate their houses with images of black cats, ghosts, goblins and carved pumpkins and sometimes transform their yards into make-believe graveyards. Adults dress in similar strange and outlandish costumes and go to parties in rooms decorated like dungeons or crypts.


Wow I could not have said it any better than that! That is spot on!

Is it harmless? Depends on who ya ask. The site where that quote came from makes a pretty strong argument They go into the history and occult practices therein. “A Celebration of Evil” they call it.  Hey… That’s cool.

In my travels of the Good, Bad and Ugly over the years I have visited and  joined different Christian churches. They often have a ‘fall festival’ around this time of year. They will have games and candy etc. They will advertise it around the church. Perhaps the youth group will have a “Fall Party” Or something similar…

The poster often reads:


So the Festival comes…What do you see?

monsters, vampires, devils, witches and ghosts

Maybe folks are just not paying attention…?  Maybe they just want some candy…?