English: A picture of a modern day hipster

English: A picture of a modern day hipster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw a blogger post a Hipster Christianity quiz on Facebook.  What did I do?

Well, you KNOW I had to go ahead and take the quiz. — Do I qualify?


What? Thats right folks….It told me I was only moderately hip or something.  Can you believe those freakin guys? They said no….. Oh my…

As I was reading the questions I was tempted to take it again. I think I know now what the right answers would be to qualify me as a hipster, uh. religious dude.  Yeah…Thats me 🙂 Well…. Maybe..

That blog is really  nice over there.  I tried to subscribe but it doesn’t seem to work. I know he’s at the top of Google for his term.  I’m guessing the blog is to promote his book.

Hey man, if you stumble  by this post you should get your feed working.  I’d follow it. But then maybe a hipster is not so much into the “social networking” kinda thing.

Wait? He’s on Facebook too!

As I write this post I have been surfing the hip site.  Now I think the quiz  may have been right. Perhaps I’m just not as cool as I thought I was.  He really lay’s it down about the Christian Hipster. I seem to have a lot to learn.

Hip Gear

  • Trendy books
  • Obscure Foreign films
  • Layered clothes
  • Vinyl records.
  • Job at coffee shop
  • Import  Beer
  • Paint brushes
  • Vintage Polaroid camera
  • Hookah

It just goes on and on…  I don’t have much of that trendy stuff laying around. I got a bunch of cheap musical instruments tho. Does that count?

Hmm? I have my own Theology Quiz

I found it laying dormant in a dark corner of my server and pasted it in here. It hardly even works.  It reminds me why I quit the web and flash design stuff. I just want to publish random silliness now. If your interested in taking the flash quiz (if it works) it’s over here

The page kinda explains my beliefs as they were at that time… Have they changed? Yes…

That’s the fun of being into religion and spiritual things…. Trying to figure it out!

Hey! It’s FUN! It it hip? No…not really 😉