So you wanna be a rock and roll star? Heck, so do I. Of course being at the right place at the right time may be the key to becoming one. But having a good look, music, and attitude also play an important roll… Agreed?

Here is some tips to becoming a rock star… Or at least a good popular music musician.

Start Young
The fact is most famous rockers get started EARLY. There’s just no way around it… The fans want young people to rock and roll… If your in your 40’s (like me) it may be time to just accept that it’s a hobby and your chances of making the big time are over… You are now a weekend warrior in the clubs or a church musician.

Listen to The Beatles
This is almost as good as going to music school. People have told me that they “don’t like the Beatles” well, whatever… But the way they constructed songs for popular music is unbeatable… (pardon the pun) You simply have to have strong well written songs to get attention…Mediocrity is everywhere. You have to stand out with good material.

Be Beautiful
With MTV and videos and stuff being a good looking person is mandatory. You may be talented as Buddy Holly, but if you don’t look good…Forget it. I know…Like Metallica says..Sad but true.

Live Performance
If your like me and others I know,  churning out songs in your home music lab but not playing live means you WILL NOT get heard. You have to start a buzz in your home town to get some local notoriety first. Which brings me to my next point.

Get Famous at Home
Many people I have known thought you have to run off to LA or something in order to get famous…They usually end up here in Tulsa UNfamous… That’s just the fact of the matter… If your good you should be able to make it right where your from… Put your home town on the map and quit thinking you have to run off to some big town to make it.

Have a gimick
As I said before… You need to stand out. Getting up with your acoustic guitar and singing sweet James Taylor songs is not enouph… You have to be able to “entertain.”That may be with good MC skills and/or props to mezmerize the audiance.

Watch that Party Train
I sometime wonder if I would have become a famous rock star if I had not ever attended the Sunday Budweiser Brunch every week… Sex, drugs and rock and roll… A good work ethic without the party stuff can make you go places faster. Better, Stronger.

There are many tips I could think of but I gotta get to bed now… Heck,, I aint’ a rock star or anything… I’d have to pay for coke out of a working man’s salery to stay up all night like a rock star. 🙂