With my passion of the Bible and spirituality I have often wondered how the bible was put together..  With the permission of a close friend of mine I have taken the liberty to use some of her extensive research to consider this…  The Hip Opinion hopes you enjoy 🙂

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First let’s consider a few players in the drama…..

The Council of Nicene

The Council of Nicene was where the Emperor Constantine brought together a group of leaders and they decided ‘which’ letters and scrolls would be ‘the Bible’ and decided on the deity of Jesus. Around the year 400 or so.

The Council of Jerusalem

The Council of Jerusalem was an apostolic group that decided on the ‘rules’ of Christianity about 50 years after Jesus died, and THAT was the group that decided Gentiles could finally become Christians

Until then, even people who were Gentiles who ‘converted’ to Jesus’ way of thinking were then considered JEWISH. Yeah, several different sects, like Pharisees, Saducees and Essenes.  With me?

Its history right?

A Catholic Myth?

Is Catholicism a Pagan from of Christianity?

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Is the Bible  infallible?  Even though it was compiled by something the ‘some’  call a “false form of Christianity”. –The Catholics

This is interesting.  Regarding the Council of Jerusalem, the Catholics certainly acknowledge it was a meeting between …Paul, Peter, James, John and others and had to figure out how to incorporate Gentiles into the belief system of Jesus’ teaching. This is recorded in Acts. The whole issue was a disagreement of opinions, much like happens ALL the time  between Peter and Paul. Peter mainly preached to the Jews; Paul to the Gentiles.

So, the point of this story if you had pondered  upon it, was that 50 years after Jesus died, people are arguing their opinions about something and make a decision.

Hundreds of years later, an Emperor and some Catholic leaders decide that their own decision is accurate and is infallible, and include it in a book they put together called The Bible.

A Hypnotic Trance?

Today, as some have observed,  people seem to be in a  hypnotic trance believing it to be the divine, inspired Word of God, instead of a man-edited compilation.

Should we consider  ALL of the writings of the day?  The history?  The customs?  Knowing all of this sure would help us understand it all a little clearer, ya know?  Make up our  own minds  and talk to God about it?

Let’s consider Jesus’ path, listen to HIS words (as recorded in numerous places) and  have eyes to  SEE.  Have  ears to  LISTEN. It won’t be that hard to see or hear God.

Hey… It’s just something to think about… You dig?

Now… Later I’ll write another post to consider this  further. Come on back… Ya know?