Monkeys Blogging

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Hello hipsters…

I know, it’s been awhile.. I feel compelled to apoligize for not posting.. I’ll try to do better.  But many of the blogs about blogging posts out there tell you to never do this…. Apologize.

I suppose I wouldn’t need to would I since I am the owner of this blog and have left it unattended for months before… So, what’s new about that.. I can be kinda flaky with my online activities…

But because this blog is kinda popular I’m gonna pull my head out of the dating sites and try to update it a little more often.. And of course I have many of my bro’s movie reviews that I can post too..

I am a musician and have put that WAY back on the backburner but have met a groovy girl recently that has offered to  to help me market some of my songs. I have no idea how to do this so she is very generous to offer her services.. And I might add we are becoming rather.. Uh… close friends if ya dig what I mean?

So, with that being said I’ll prob use this site as well as my underground music site to talk about these projects as well as my usual rants as I have time.

Hey, I’m just Sayin’