Shes a VirginSo far I’m indifferent to My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  Jane the Virgin is crazy enough, for all its soapy conventionality.  In the most recent episode, a Jane doppelganger called Bachelorette Jane shows up, pleading for our heroine to hurry up and choose which man to marry.  She isn’t a shadowy doppelganger, though; she’s a lively reality-show doppelganger, and the gag is extended far enough to show Jane’s suitors, Michael and Rafael, being interviewed re the virgin miss’s response to them.

The gimmicks continue.  At any rate it was a decent episode, better than the one two weeks ago.  Poor Petra has to put up with men again, the caricatures Scott and Lachlan, but, well, she’s also culpable for throwing a major scare into Rafael.  My crazy ex-wife!