I was reading the newspaper online today about these 2 guys holding up a gas station/convenience store. Then I started reading the comments of people… You know…The OPINION’s  There was one that read as follows:

Liberals say: Now let’s not get down on our misguided youth. The lack of parental involvement, the lack of social programs and with ‘the man’ keeping them down, these poor kids just don’t know any better. Let’s rehabilitate them, house them and place them in jobs.

Conserves say: Get a rope.

That’s pretty funny huh? Watching someone use that story as a platform to boast their right wing extremist views… It’s fun watching the right side squirm around freaking out because Obama won… The fact is the Democrat’s could have had Micky Mouse in the race and still won… It’s a done deal – Bush ruined it for em… And Rush and the rest of those AM radio cat’s are not able to change it.

If the Liberals had their way the street’s would be FULL of criminals… Good thing the conservatives are around to “hang em high”