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My addictive nature seems to always take over.
The TV Show Lost was recommended by my friend over at UILabs. I thought I’d go rent the first DVD of the first season.

Then I proceeded to continue renting and watching every night until 1AM for about 2 weeks until I had watched every single DVD available.. What a trip huh?

Heck I know all those guys now
… Jack, Kate,Charlie,Sayer… They are my bud’s… I still haven’t caught up with the TV series yet as they have not yet released  season 5. What’s wrong with those guys? Can’t they see I’m Jonesen?

Now what other TV series should I start renting? It’s kinda fun because I already know what I want to get when I walk in the place… Usually 3 at a time of the season… I’m in and out of blockbuster in under 3 minutes… Think of all the time I save!

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