I have looked high and low on the internet to learn how to become a cook and blow up my house. Turn my back yard into a toxic waist dump…. (Have the neighbors over for a backyard get together. Don’t forget your kids.)

Steps 1- 10 get’s you about a pound of meth… One days work and you can just sit around with no job and watch dirty movies. Make the big bucks… Of course the price is high when you get caught.

Before and After

Oklahoma used to be one of the biggest Meth manufacturing states until the new democratic governor put restrictions on the cold med’s used in making the drug. You have to show your license to buy them from behind the pharmacy.

Do people here in OK still make meth? You bet… It’s easy…You simply send out your housefull of tweakers to go buy as much cold medicine as they can…Then meet back at the lab and cook away…

That is if you have the recipe. Which I don’t have… I guess it’s handed down from one crankster family to another. Because I don’t think its anywhere on the internet… Well, maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. There are ton’s of bad neighborhoods on the net that I choose to stay away from…

Crank – Even Radio personalities do it.