Every time I pick up a newspaper or watch a little TV I hear that Obama’a gonna raise taxes… He’s going to raise:

  • Income Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Drug Tax
  • Alcohol Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Plumbing Tax
  • Did I leave anybody out?

It’s like he is going to tax us to death… With him running things my life is going to be so taxed I won’t have enough for may weekly McDonald’s…And he is gonna tax THEM too… They will have to do away with the dollar menu… OH MY GOD! The HUMANITY

Joe the Plumper may as well go to welding school because there is no way he will EVER afford to have his own pluming shop… He’s going to get taxed to death…

Tax tax tax TAX! There’s one for you nineteen for me! TAXMAN OBAMA!

It’s like reverse psychology… They keep saying that the democrats are going to tax the hell out of us poor working people…Er, we (poor folks ) all know that’s the republicans job… Isn’t that what the “trickle down” stuff of Reagan was all about?

I bet if I pick up a Tulsa World tomorrow it will say the same thing. Or somebody might say that we will cease to be America