McCain is behind Obama in the polls… Is it Sarahs fault?

I know it’s a hard thing to face up to. It looks like McCain is going to LOSE. Oklahomans will no doubt have difficulty facing this fact. Oh my God… A black president…What’s the world coming to?

Tonight is the “town hall” debate between those 2 guys. I’ll probably watch some (10 mins maybe) of it and enjoy the show. Heck, the Shield’s new episode is tonight.. I don’t wanna miss that now do I?

I’m gonna be one of the few in OK to vote for Obama. In fact, I’ll vote like I always do. Straight democratic party voting. – The party… Not the man… 🙂 I guess that sounds pretty crazy huh? Like I hear before from so many friends. “Your vote ain’t gonna make no difference anyways.” But I still have to go do it… Ya dig?

I’ll probably keep bloging on politics until this mess is over
… It’s just way to juicy to let it alone… I am look forward to going back to some pop culture rumours and weird things I may see at Wal Mart however.

Peace and flowers