Ripping CDs at Pandora
Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Free music marketing. When you do a search for “free Music” or “free music downloads you don’t get any “free music” It’s all about radio.  Last FM consistantly  comes up #1 on in a google search… That is internet radio. Then it’s GrooveShark, Pandora Radio ETC.

These systems look and seem to work pretty good. But my goal is to get MY music heard. You know, little ole ME.

Not that the music I have done with different bands is any good or anything. But I’d like to get noticed anyhow… You dig? Heck, I wanna record contract and make millions of dollar too….  What garage band musician doesn’t?

Using basic make money online for beginners methods taught by this Grizz guy who I was introduced to by another blogger who teaches passive online income I have started a SEO campagn to try to drive traffic to my free music site.

To get “Free Music” hi on the search engine rankings could prove to be a impossible task. But what’s a mediocra song writer supposed to do? Except sing for a rock and roll band? I just gotta take on the challenge.

I’ll fill all you loyal Hip Opinion readers in later about how it’s going and let you look at the projects I have put together to try to get this agenda going.

Until Later… Happy Labor Day!