I was reading the Tulsa World‘s website the other day. It was talking about a guy that got stabbed several times in his apartment complex. It was a violent crime. It happened in a poor neighborhood.  There are lots of minorities there and crime and stuff.

Incredibly the guy survived thanks to the efforts of the ambulance staff and emergency room at the hospital. He was in critical condition but they stabilized him. It appears he’s going to be OK.

What I found interesting however was the comments that people were leaving under the story.  Of course that’s what this site is all about… Opinions. Fortunately I own this site and can write a whole article myself about  opinions that I see elswhere… The search engines can find it and my opinion will stand out bigger than those that get posted on a newspaper site… You dig?

The comment that caught my attention said:

Who’s going to pay his medical bill?
That was all it said.

Well, isn’t that the question of the day? I mean, he lives there right? He MUST be a criminal. You know… one of  “those” people and obviously doesn’t have any money or insurance.

So what would you suggest? I’m sure he was up to no good… They should just let him go on and bleed to death huh? Why should US taxpayers pay for something he probably deserved anyways right?

Do me a favor hipsters… If I ever say anything that cold and rediculous on this site, please spam and hack the hell out of this domain until it completely crashes…

Thanks! Peace to ya’ll!