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I have let this blog go for a couple of days. I get burnout. Then I logged into the site and noticed about 10 comments that got caught by the Akismet Spam filter. I don’t have any idea why because they were all legitimate comments.

So if any of ya’ll visitors commented and your comment “disappeared” into thin cyber space I am truly sorry.

I always use Akismet. If I didn’t this blog would be filled with TON’s of spam and crazy links to everything from porn to colon cleansers.  Do I care? Yeah. I don’t want all that mess up here.

But what about you “real” people.

And If I don’t log into the site because I’m busy surfing dating sites how do I know that your comments exist in the spam filter?

Comment’s Disappear

What I don’t like about Akismet is when it does deem something as spam the comment simply disappears and nothing is ever said about it.

So here I am writing this post.

I wish the program had a option to tell the commenter (or spammer) that the comment is “up for review” and not leave the visitor lingering on my page wondering if the site is broken.


Because then the visitor will probably say:  “this site is broken” – It sucks

What happen’s next?

They will click to another place.  I mean, this site is cool and all but there are plenty of cool sites out there. I mean, really now?

So if you comment…Thanks… I really appreciate it.  I dig you guys 🙂