KISS – Knights in Satan’s Service?

Remember that groovy band Kiss… “Knights in Satan Service” Haha…I was a big fan when I was a kid. They were the first “shock rock” band I remember…They did songs about the good things in life… Sex!

They painted their faces and wore these cool costumes… They jumped around on stage and had fire and platforms and shiny drums. The bass player spit up blood and blew fire… It has been said they were the “hardest working band of all time”.

There band consisted of:

Star child
Space Man

So where they the Kings in Satan Service? Or was this just a clever marketing publicity stunt?  Perhaps the movement to label all rock music as “the devils” music came up with this and when Kiss heard it they simply didn’t deny it thinking it would sell a few more records.

Oh sure their songs about rock and roll lifestyle sex and God’s of Thunder was a bit over the top in the 70’s… Not even close to what these guys are singing about now…  Come on now… Ever heard of the band Slayer?

Hey..Kiss is still rocking around out there.. Can you dig it?

Good and Bad Kissing Technique?

Romeo and Juliet
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I was watching a episode of Boston Legal awhile back where the good looking guy was having trouble with dates because they would always consider him a bad kisser. He then starts taking lessons from a co worker on just how it should be done. They play with the idea of hooking up because he seems to be getting better after being with her. I know… It’s wonderful drama huh?

I remember as a teenager there was a certain girl us in “the gang” knew that went around kissing boys… ALL of them… Then would often comment on who was good or who was bad at kissing… I, of course was of the latter.

I carried this as a bit of a complex for a few years. I even told a date about it as a teenager and she dumped me…Go figure. There’s no room in this sexually fueled world to be a “sexual wimp” Of course to be a good kisser would require “feedback” from the person you are kissing . And a bit of self confidence and not caring so much if you are or not. It’s not the end of the world to be labeled a “bad kisser”

Hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane!

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