Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

Do you ever wonder who killed Kurt Cobain?  It’s one of the most interesting rock and roll stories out there. High on heroin, writing songs.  Hey, was that guy actually that tormented? Or did someone KILL him?

Heroin - Kurt Cobain's Drug of choice

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He shot himself, right?

Ever seen the movie Kurt and Courtney?

I was listening to that Hole record that Courtney Love recorded . It got really popular after his suicide…. The songs on that record sound eerily similar to Cobains stuff… Maybe he had a few demo’s laying around the house that he was recording while high on heroin. Hmmmm? (sound’s like fun)

They probably co-wrote that stuff together huh? I’m sure the rumors aren’t true.  Still, there is some weirdness surrounding his death. But being in the drug culture is  weird anyways..

And I KNOW this 😛

– Heroin Kills.