Back in the day a musician friend of mine coined a new band name…”The Daves” He was really proud of this idea and would talk about it often.. All the members of the group would be named….. Well, you get the idea:


Hey that looks pretty cool huh?

I had forgotten  all about it till yesterday for some reason. Suddenly it just popped back into my head.  Kinda weird.. You dig? Magickal memories.

I have teamed up with my old homey from 9th grade…We have been doing music together off and on since 1982…. His name is….   Uh….  Dave

So let’s see here…  That makes 2 of us Daves so far…  Maybe it’s fate?

There used to be a cover band here in Tulsa that called themselves “Dave” but I am unsure if everybody’s name in the group had the same name… It’s something I had pondered back then but never investigated it… I probably would have  wanted to be in the group if they needed a member…. I do qualify of course.

So whattya think?

Know any talented Daves that are looking for a rocking group?

But ya know I have not googled  “The Daves” yet… I wonder if it’s already taken? I mean us Daves are pretty clever… Ya know? It may already be in use.

I’ll prob Google it right after I get this blog posted…..

I gotta pretty good feeling here 😉