The Shield
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Well, my favorite TV showThe Shield ” has come to an end. I wrote a review about it awhile back. I got addicted to it years ago when channel surfing one night when I was bored.

They more or less wrapped up the characters as best they could while keeping the violent crime and disturbing images rolling on the last show. Those guys have come to be my friends :) Sorry to see their lives just got so screwed up.

The last show was actually quite depressing. To see that knucklehead Shane kill his wife and kid’s and then take his own life was just pitiful… And the fact that Vic lied to his loyal partner and let him go on to be convicted of all of his wrongdoings was pitiful too.

Oh, you could say that Vic’s life got screwed too even though he saved his own skin. He now has to work at a desk for years and his family got put into protective custody to protect them from his twisted justice kind of ways. So now he NEVER get’s to see his wife and kid’s again. Gee he always seemed to put his family first…Whatever…. That silly guy.

I noticed the black cop’s character which they let fade away a few season’s ago was taking a hard look at some gay guys that were happily chasing each other around on the streets. I assume he was wishing he were doing the same. He got married to a girl but her character was never heard from again. I assume he stayed with her but would still prefer a “boyfriend”

Yep, Ronnie had to go to prison because Vic got immunity and then lied to him saying that it was for the both of them…Remember he needed to protect his “family” Vic’s a family man you know? (I just keep hammering on this one)

Dutch is still finding serial killers and that 2 faced David is going to be mayor finally… Everybody got what they wanted…Except the “strike team” Crime doesn’t ever really pay does it?

Vic and the Boys… Have a good time! You will be missed…