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I was doing a Google search for “Vote Democrat” on Election Day. I was wondering what would come up. Now that the mid term is over I can go ahead and write a little something about it. So how were the results?

Vote Democrat

I’m sure you can guess how the hipster voted but I wanted to know what kind of information would come up if I did this search on Google. The first site to come up was the official democrat site of course. Gee I would hope so.

Many of the other results were surprising. Well, maybe. You know how much power that party has with media. No matter how much they preach all that “liberal media” stuff. It is obvious the have their hands full of it. Check out some talk radio.

On the first page of the Google search there were several list posts about voting democrat. They were written in a conservative slant however. They were actually a “reversal” list of the terrible things that will happen if you vote democrat. Some cleaver tactics by Republican SEO experts I assume.

Maybe not.

There was 2 pages with the exact some list. Duplicate content?

Another page that made the top ten was a post from the National Review about conservatives that often vote democrat. The National Review is a conservative publication.

Finally there was a detailed post on why to vote democrat from a Boston newspaper. Another was a post of “tweets” that encouraged voting democrat.

So you can see that Republican’s dominated the 10 ten on Google search.

I love Google. I expected to see a post from MoveOn. Or another site to give me a good reason to vote democrat. But I had to click on several links to find what I was looking for.

Why do I vote democrat?

Because I’m a poor starving artist. Sure I’m the CEO of this blog. But I make very (none) little money from it. If this blog ever get’s me rich… Yo….I’ll switch.  😉