Ready For the Easter Bunny!

Image by Sister72 via Flickr

I wrote some ramblings years ago about having a “Bambi Burger Bash” in my backyard. We could have one Bambi hanging in a tree and another on the grill… We could also have a bucket of KFC along with some other snacks and appetizers. Later, we could have some home made ice cream. Milk – it does a body good.

What about Vegetarians?

But what about my vegetarian friends that I invited to my burger bash? Hmmm? I could call one up before hand for a consultation to see what is and what is not acceptable for their palette. They all seem to have different rules.

For some the chicken would be OK. But not others. And then most wouldn’t eat the Bambi burger but some might as it isn’t actually “red” meat is it? Some may go ahead and tear up the homemade ice cream but then it is made out of an animal
bi product.  It’s all so confusing

Wearing Leather?

And I don’t know any vegetarians in my circle who don’t wear leather Leather just works well for clothing and many other things. What can you do about that? Perhaps point out the fact that the jacket your wearing was made from a killed animal?

Healthy Living

Vegetarianism is something I have puzzled over for years… But then in a few more years my vegetarian friends will have the last laugh. I’ll be sick from big mac’s and they will still be living like they were in their 20’s.

I’ll be (sick) hanging out in bed  watching TV and they will be at the gym exercising their old but healthy bodies.

More power to ya Veggies. Shine On!