Black Friday For Poor People

 People are going to go crazy pretty soon to get all that cheap stuff since the economy seems to be in the toilet. You won’t see me out there I’m sure… I’ll be in here watching TV and enjoying some diet coke.

Oh I may go look at some people
. See what’s going on out there as I will be up super late on Thursday… I’ll be attending late night meetings and burning candles at both ends.

What are some good deals out there? Anybody know what a poor ghetto blogger can do to have a decent Christmas with his girl and 6 kids?

So now you know why I have a “donation” button on this blog…As well as Google Absence ad’s that don’t pay anything… I just want to be able to get my kid’s a few stocking stuffers.. You dig?


It's Do-Follow. Feel free to use your kewyword. If ya spam it. I'll probably can it. You dig?

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