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Call customer support
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You ever call a customer service line and get the ‘automated’ machine? I think it’s funny.  I’d like to give an example of what happens when you do this. Please be sure to let me know if you can relate!

Call Customer Support

Let’s give it a shot shall we? I can promise you it will be an adventure 🙂


  • For English press one –  Espanol  dos’
  • Please “say” or enter your name using numbers (*david) Your entry was not recognized (**DAVID) please enter with your keypad. -Then press pound.
  • Please enter your account number -Then press pound.
  • Please enter the security code from the back of your card. -Then press pound.
  • For verification please enter the last 4 digits of your social security number. -Then press pound.
  • Please choose from the following menu as our options have changed
  1. Billing
  2. Technical services
  3. Pay over the phone
  4. Upgrade your services
  5. Make an appointment
  6. Cancel your subscription
  7. Make payment arrangements
  8. Return to the main menu
  9. Complete the Survey

If you would like to talk to a customer service representative. Please press zero.   Press *ZERO

Our hours are from 8 to 5 Monday  thru Friday Please call back during our regular business hours. Goodbye

*Ring Tone

So you wait until the next day during business hours.  Of course you gotta take off work early to do this.

Call Customer Service the next day

*Repeat all the above steps.

Thank you for calling (insert company here). May I have your name?
Uh… It’s David
May I have your account number please?

Wait a minute… Didn’t I just give  all  this information to the automated robot? What’s up?

You may think this example to rediculous. But is it?

Go ahead and check out this audio visual example

This stuff if for real folks.  Truth IS stranger than fiction

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14 thoughts on “Calling Customer Support – Automated Machine”

  1. It’s really funny and you actually have a point. Come to think of it, you have already punched in all the information that the they need using the automated phone system but when they answer the phone, they ask the same questions. This didn’t cross my mind until this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. Continue sharing posts that are funny but with sense.

  2. It’s not just ridiculous but irritating as well. Although you’re calling for a customer support and and you’re expecting the someone will help you in your concern but it seems like your talking to a machine. Thanks for this post!

  3. I have been working in a call center for almost 3 yrs…Yes, that actually happens every time you calls in..That’s for the verification purposes, but you have given initial information to the automated system, Call center agent should not asked the same questions again since it has been posted on your account that you have provided info already..Its human error I guess, to ask the same creepy questions!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I was wondering. It doesn’t always happen of course. Hey, I think I got married at your place way back in the day…I’m single now tho LOL

  4. Honestly, I do not trust customer service sometimes. It is really disappointing that the agent cannot answer or give you what you want sometimes. There are times that I get so pissed off because of some verification processes that don’t work. It’s kinda waste of time.

  5. I really hate it everytime I call customer care and the machine or computer is the one answering me. It is really disappointing and I always turn my phone off right away everytime that happens.

  6. Like your post bud! Not thinking of that, but you hit the ground to know us that this robot thing is wise (Surely you do as much as he):). Thinking to try this one. I do agree! call center agents are not this fond to ask question repeatedly.

  7. I guess some customer service that use this voice machine system is not quite updated because some of the customer service gives the caller an option to talk directly to an agent to skip all the verifications. It’s very annoying and irritating if you’ve done and followed every steps to talk to an agent but sometimes you screwed up waiting in queue and end up hanging up your phone. Great post!

  8. Answering machine can be annoying sometimes. Especially when you are in a hurry then you need to follow and press the numbers before you can talk to the agent. I hate doing things like this. Anyway, thanks for posting.

  9. It sounds irritating but you can avoid this if you’ll go directly to their product centers. But then again if there are still problem or need to do software thing they need to call customer care hotline but the thing is the store attendant will be the one to do it for you…thnks anyway…

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