Do Blonds Have More Fun?

Well, Hmmm? Is it natural. Or is it dyed. Or is it a wig? Hey…It’s late. I’m turning into a pumpkin here. What’s a hipster to do? That’s something that Rod Stewart believes huh?
Of course I got a heck of a topic about him… Maybe when I’m more awake.. Ya dig?

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2 Responses to “Do Blonds Have More Fun?”

  • Allison:

    We have 38% more fun than brunettes.
    77% more fun than black haired women, but only 10% more fun than men with black hair.
    Redheads usually have 45% more fun than us, except when being teased about their hair.
    Dyed blonds have faux fun.
    Exotic colored hair, such as pink, blue or green only have more fun at night.
    Purple-haired people can’t have fun.

  • Anonymous:

    Blondes definatly have more fun…speaking from experience! Especially bleach blondes.


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