Why I Eat Fast Food

Fast Food
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I was visiting with a girl on a dating site. She was challenging me on why I like fast food.  I do have it right there on my profile with my pictures of  stuff I enjoy.

I made a little joke about how my pictures are different.  You know, Like going to Arby’s.

Did you get the joke?

“Go to Arby’s for something different”. Continue reading “Why I Eat Fast Food”

The Best Hangover Cures.

Some typical alcoholic beverages.
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  • Vitamin B12 Shots
  • Water Between drinks
  • Drink Clear Booze instead of dark booze
  • Eat a full meal before  going out to drinking
  • Don’t “mix” alcoholic drinks stick with one kind of drink.
  • Take some aspirin before going to bed.
  • Limit the amount of cigarette smoking while drinking
  • Drink a tall glass of wine upon awaking (hair of the dog)

Yes sir, I have tried all these method’s and more… And the older I get the worse the hangover’s are. So the best advice I can give…

TOTAL ABSTINENCE – Hey, it’s the same advice I read in an Ann Lander Colmn years ago. Hey! I got a really good feeling about this one.

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