Fast Food
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I was visiting with a girl on a dating site. She was challenging me on why I like fast food.  I do have it right there on my profile with my pictures of  stuff I enjoy.

I made a little joke about how my pictures are different.  You know, Like going to Arby’s.

Did you get the joke?

“Go to Arby’s for something different”.

She started saying something about it being a food chain or whatever. I was just being silly.  She seems to prefer home cooked meals.  Don’t we all?

Why I Eat Fast Food.

It’s Cheap

Yep, that’s right.  It’s not as cheap as it used to be.  But for what you get it is still a bargain.  Let me make a comparison. If I wanted to cook a hamburger and fries at home I’d have to buy:

  • Hamburger  $3.50
  • Cheese $ 3.00
  • Bun’s $1.50
  • Condiments  $4.00 (at least)
  • Veggies $4.00
  • Fries $3.00

Did I leave anything out?  Looks like  $15.00 to do it home. Well, I’m a single guy. So I’d be cooking for one unless I cooked for my daughter and her friends. But, they will prob go eat out at a fast food place themselves.

So, pull through a drive thu and lay out about $6.00 and feast away…Right?

This would also save me over an hour of prep time and cleanup.  That’s why I would have time to update this blog. You dig?

And the second reason is:

I don’t have a second reason.  I suppose I just can’t think of another great reason to eat fast food.  Maybe that girl has a point. I dunno.

Now, let me sleep on it.

I’m sure I can come up with a lot more reason to dig on some fast food.  All I talked about with this post is a burger and fries.

Fast food offers almost anything your hungry for.  And the above reasoning  would fit for any diet.

Next year I’ll consider a “fast food diet”  Until then…

Big Mac Supper Club Anyone?