Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Money cash
Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Is money they root of all evil? People have been saying that for years… So why do so many people want it? Why is money the root of what drives most people.  There is never enough of what we thought we wanted.

Money…. MONEY….. MONEY

Yes folks…. People are obsessed.. How do I know this? –

  • Check out the TV (advertisements)
  • Check out your neighbors (keeping up with the Jones’s)
  • Check out the stores (sale, SALE, bargains)
  • Check out who you work for (we got to cut costs)
  • Check out politics (need I say more?)
  • Check out Dave (I need a raise)

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Money – How to get rich- Win the Lottery

Play the Lottery - Get Rich
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Do you want money? Do you want to be rich? Perhaps this would solve all my problems and make me happy in life. That’s why I love to gamble and play the lottery. Daily. Well, maybe 😉

I have heard however, that winners of the lottery are sometimes suicidal and miserable… Or they have to change everything about their life by going into hiding because so many people want a piece of that money…

So maybe if you win the lottery or the publisher clearing house (does that still exist?) all your dreams would come true! Think about it:
You could have:

  • Endless entertainment
  • Sport’s cars
  • Boats
  • Houses
  • Planes
  • Trucks
  • Alienware
  • Stock in Google
  • Your very own McDonalds
  • Maids
  • ETC etc etc

What would YOU buy if you won the lottery?
Remember, Money can’t buy you love.
Or that’s what they say 🙂