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Online Dating After Divorce – The Language

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Dating after divorce is radically different from single’s dating!  What? “I’VE CHANGED?” Yeah, that too… but man, there weren’t all these online dating sites back then and things have changed! I’m single again after a seventeen year marriage and trying to figure out all these dating sites, the acronyms, the mainstream ideas in dating, and what the heck is actually what out there! And, brother’s and sister’s, let me tell you, saying, “times have changed” is an understatement!

First, a bit about Beryl Powers: I’m female, late 40’s, not hit with the ugly forest but not drop dead gorgeous, either. Single again, with an elementary age child in residence, and starting over professionally, pursing my Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Legal Investigation. I’m a former English, Art and Journalism teacher and have been out of the world of work for over ten years. I’ve been married twice (the first time was a nine month marriage – a young kid mistake – no kids), and looking to marry only one more time.

Like many others, I’m looking for the one to spend the rest of my life with, not just the night! However, life in these United States has changed so unbelievable in the last twenty years, it’s hard to know how to go about finding a decent date. The first thing you have to know before you hit the dating sites, bars, text-to-knows, and singles meets is the new language of dating. Check out more »

Getting Attractive Dates? Plenty of Fish!

I read and an article in a magazine one time that took a survey about what trates people search for in a mate.  All the usual stuff:

Honesty, integrity, stability…. All of THAT

Plenty of fish
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Then it asked about “looks” .

You know, attractive people.  According to the survey most people were not that opinioated about “good looks”. They often said that “looks are really not that important.

But… what they say and what they actually do are often very different things. Check out more »

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