I read and an article in a magazine one time that took a survey about what trates people search for in a mate.  All the usual stuff:

Honesty, integrity, stability…. All of THAT

Plenty of fish
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Then it asked about “looks” .

You know, attractive people.  According to the survey most people were not that opinioated about “good looks”. They often said that “looks are really not that important.

But… what they say and what they actually do are often very different things.

People ARE concerned about looks.
That’s just they way it is.

For example, if your a member of a dating website and your surfing profiles who do you think get’s the most views? E- mails? That’s right… The “beautiful people”  do.

It’s a fact…

Plenty of Fish states that some users that “have a good picture up” can get over 100 emails a day. It says that these users don’t have time to write responses to all of them even if they wanted to.

So who do these people  respond to?

People they are attracted to of course.  Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

So what if your not as attractive as the next person? Well, there’s all kinds of  e-books and stuff for us guys that tell us how to “seduce” women that are out of our league.

They promise that you can practice the techniches taught in their programs and pick up plenty of fish that would have never given us the time of day before.

You can see them advertised on the plenty of fish website.  The one I looked at was 27 bucks and had all the tips you could ever want.

Of course I ain’t got 27 bucks.  Do you?

The plenty of fish is free

The guy that started it is making bank. All because he saw the ridiculousness of the paying dating sites and decided to create a totally free one. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?

I have an idea.

How about wait for GOD to send you the right person for you. Or, perhaps ask him to tell ya rather it’s OK for a current one your dating to take it to the next level.

Oh no, We can’t do that. Us average single people  gotta have somebody NOW! And, they better be attractive.