Spam Comments and Akismet

Diagram of sending spam e-mails
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I have let this blog go for a couple of days. I get burnout. Then I logged into the site and noticed about 10 comments that got caught by the Akismet Spam filter. I don’t have any idea why because they were all legitimate comments.

So if any of ya’ll visitors commented and your comment “disappeared” into thin cyber space I am truly sorry. Continue reading “Spam Comments and Akismet”

Hipster WordPress Theme

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New WordPress Theme installed.
Oh yes, my homey and computer mentor did the kid a favor and worked up this new theme for the Hip Opinion. It’s a theme that any hipster can dig.

That’s right. Don over at UILabs is a professional web and graphic’s designer (as well as programmer) has  come up with something I can finally be proud of . He makes a living working on computer and also doing side projects for many local companies for  Tulsa web design.  He owns the company 🙂

My adventures in finding a suitable theme has been driving me up the wall. How does a kid have time to blog when he’s so busy studying wordpress theme’s and trying to “make” them work..  Tired of it.

I’m still tweaking at as of writing this post but you get the idea… It’s looking good 🙂  FINALLY

Thanks Don at UILabs (User Interface Laboratories) for redesigning my blog. I’m moving to the next level… You know all the A-Lister’s recommend a “professional” theme… I got it…

Ti’s groovy