Who Goes to Hell? Part 2

Who goes to hell? Well I suppose it’s people that deserve it huh? We all know or have heard of people that certainly deserve to go to hell for the terrible things they have done. It is, of course, assumed that Hitler is obviously in hell..

But what about that nice gay guy down the street. He is a really nice guy huh? But according to “The Bible” he is damned. And so is the new Hindu guy you met in your new humanities class at collage… He is “damned”

How do I know? The “Bible” tells me so right? See here:

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS. (Matthew 25:41)

 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night… (Revelation 14:11),

Oh my… There it is. There’s gonna be a lot of folks in the fire… With my mediocrity in obedience and “Back Sliding Baptist” ways I question rather I’ll make it either… Oh I suppose I could repent on my death bed… (If I have time)

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4 Responses to “Who Goes to Hell? Part 2”

  • God doesn’t accept the “Maybe I’ll repent on my death bed” attitude. In fact, if you read your Scripture well, you will see that he HATES this attitude.

    You need to become Catholic to get to heaven. Please read my article, and follow the links that are most relevant to your objections. You will see that Scripture definitely points to the Catholic religion (and not the counterfeit idolatrous butchery that passes for it nowadays – that is a false ‘church’)

    May God save you.


  • willingcatholicmartyr [dot] blogspot [dot] com/2009/04/what-must-you-do-to-get-to-heaven [dot] html

  • 1st Timothy 4:10 Jesus Christ…The Savior of ALL men. Especially those who believe.

    So what about the one’s that don’t? Or are not Catholics? Is the word “All” mis translated? Seems pretty clear to me. Of course there are scriptures that teach the opposite.

    I have not heard of your particular view actually and will study your post. I have never been Catholic but have studied it briefly. I had many problems with their doctrines for years.

    If the Christian church are the only ones going to be in heaven… That means billions will be in hell. If your view excludes the Catholics as they are today…And the rest of evangelicals. That would mean a couple billion more I suppose.

    Heaven’s not gonna have to many of us humans up there.

  • Rod Stauffer:

    Just thought I would look up davestuff and see what the rant was. Nice to see you’re still thinking about your soul (or is it a rubber sole?) Anyway, as you read in Hebrews anyone who depends on the prayers of priests or on ritual is not going to make it, as a matter of fact if you’re a Christian, you are a priest. It’s only when people realize and become completely humble that Jesus is the only one that can get you into heaven that they get it. I’ve thought many times that there are going to be a lot full churches (complete with pastor, deacons and chior director) after the rapturing of the saints (topic for another rant?). Yeah, I’m a screw up, God knows it, but Jesus Christ is a part of everything I do, I am constantly aware that I do not want to do or say anything to disgrace the man who gave his life for me. I believe humility is the key to heaven. How about a rant about Avatar, I’ve seen it three times, I think it has an excelent message for us humans. Call or e-mail sometime. And watch out for the Pigs on the Wing!


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