Will Bush Allow The Election?

Oh my, Or will he simply declare himself as dictator and get the marshal law going. That guy… George. He’s a powerful man. Must be because of his “prayer” life. Hmmm?

4 Responses to “Will Bush Allow The Election?”

  • President George W.H. Bush:

    I think i will declare dictatorship! That sounds like it would be so much fun! Servents would bring you tacos whenever you want, guards will protecticate yourself, and Condi Rice will be the Vice Dictator! I can just see it now……..sorry, kinda dosed off a bit. But, i dont think i will have to turn to dictatorship. I mean, after i get elected again! Who wouldn’t want me in office? Oh and Cheney can be the Secretary of War! He will shoot you down…only when he’s hunting for Bald Eagles or whatever the logo is. I think that i should be in office for like…10 more years. Is there a way to do that? OH! OH! OH! I could be a dictator! Wouldn’t that be great? Wait…who are you? Don’t ever call here again! Yeah, I showed that communist! Republicans rule! Almost as much as tacos. I want a taco. If i was a dictator…somebody would be forced to give me a taco every day! That would be great! Well, goodbye, Mr Prime Rib!

  • Oh yes… I love taco’s too! I can’t get enough of em… Taco Bueno!

  • Coincidence:

    Is it a coincidence that all three posts exihibit the same writing style. I see a commonality of … in all posts.


  • That is because there is only a few people subscribed…

    I have a high ranking in Google however so I hope to get new visitors!


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