OK Used Cars
Image by Bill Herndon via Flickr

Why does it always have to be a struggle to buy a car… When you go in you have to be greeted in the lot by a guy…Then he wants you to come into his office and have a meeting.

But he can’t stay long. He will then need to go enter some paperwork and talk to another guy… Maybe a manager…

Then that guy will need to call and discuss the situation with a department manager.

That guy  will then look over paperwork and discuss it with the other guy who is his boss…There are having a meeting in another part of the building.

The sales guy may get you a nasty 3 day old cup of coffee or some lukewarm tap water while you wait for these people to hash thing’s out.


Now here is our conversation:

Well, Mr. Hipster. We talked about it and you don’t qualify for that vehicle. Let me show you this other one we think you will qualify for.

But I want the one you just did all that stuff with.  Ya know?

Well, the asscociate manager at Level one financing said you can’t do that unless you put $2000 down.

Ask him If $1000 is enough…

OK… I’ll get back to you.

Repeat the above scenario… Sound like fun?

You may think this example is ridiculous.  But is it?