Let’s see… You get 20 phone calls a day on both your cell and home phones… You make sure you have caller ID which usually display any number of unknown area codes or “withheld” caller ID results. – That’s when you don’t answer the phone.

Why? Because you owe those guys a lot of money… You were one of the suckers that bought into the idea that you deserve to have that trip to Hawaii and all those toys for the house. Lifestyles of the rich and famous…For a season.

You don’t have the money to do that stuff on what you make but the banks just keep handing it over… And more on the way as new cards are constantly arriving in the mail “Pre approved”.. It will always have a nice picture of a beach somewhere telling you that you deserve to have good things.

Then after a few months of steak dinners and brand new TV’s and CD’s for the car you are suddenly cut off and a slave to a debt that CANT be paid off without winning some kind of Lottery or Publishers Clearing House.

I told them I only made $11.00 per hour.
And that I can’t manage money very well. I guess they considered that enough to give me a twenty thousand dollar credit card.

Grab that checkbook sir and let’s  do a payment plan right over the phone…We can just automatically take it out of your account for your convenience.