We had some big names teaching about the Darwin view of the beginning of mankind here in Tulsa recently. You know how the servival of the fittest. It’s the view comonly taught in schools. That’s why the Christian folks don’t want to send their kids to public schools. They believe that the teachers are going to teach something to their kids that is “evil”

Thus came the home schooling which is another topic altogether.

Did man evolve from monkeys? That is the Darwin view. That we can scientifically get the answers to what happened and why we are here. Of course science has yet to offer a plan for “eternal life”.. But then many peoples life sucks so munch anyways that they wouldn’t want to live forever anyways.

Or were we created by a “higher power” simply by his “word”… That is the other view. To be created and loved by a supreme being to honor and worship Him.   They offer eternal life to those who believe. But if you don’t then you get a permanent vacation in a “lake of fire” But either way you live forever.

Why am I here? To blog about it. You didn’t think you would actually find any answers to these questions here on this blog did you? Cause I ain’t got any… 🙂